Best Pre-Order App for Shopify


Download Pre-Order Sales App from the Shopify app store. Pre-Order Sales App allows you to keep the cash flowing no matter your inventory’s status. This simple yet powerful tool is one of the best pre-order Shopify apps.


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Your go-to Pre-Order App

Installing Pre-Order Sales app for your Shopify store allows your customers to purchase the exact product they want. When they click on the ‘Pre-Order’ button, it means they are purchasing the product before it arrives back in stock. Don’t miss out on sales while you are waiting to restock.


Why do pre-orders work?


Customers would rather pay now for the product and have it ordered instead of rechecking on availability. Scarcity creates demand, and the “fear of missing out” makes customers want your product even more.


Why do pre-orders work?

  • The app is easy to install without complicated coding.
  • The Pre-order button can be customised to suit your website design.
  • Our search feature allows you to easily manage pre-orders.
  • Easily send shipping notifications to customers.
  • You can apply pre-orders to different product types.
  • Free support
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