Free Pre-Order App for Shopify


Download Pre-Order Sales App from the Shopify app store for free. This free Pre-Order app allows your customers to purchase the products they want while you restock your inventory. Your customers won’t miss out on buying your product and you won’t lose out on revenue.

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Free Pre-Order Sales App Features

  • Modify the Pre-order button to suit your website design.
  • Simply manage Pre-Orders with our search feature.
  • Set up pre-orders for one product.
  • Free support.

Additional features including Pre-Order emails, analytics, unlimited pre-order products and more are available with a paid subscription.


How Pre-Order Sales App can help your store

Sell more products than last year. If you’ve been playing the “we’re out of stock” game, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you see how much you can still sell even when out of inventory.

Decrease Lost Customers. Once a customer finds a vendor that can provide what they need, they don’t often switch. Pre-Order Sales let you become the go-to supplier that delivers on what you promise.

Boost Customer Satisfaction. Customers want to work with someone they know will provide what they need, even if they must wait a little longer.


Install Pre-Order Sales App from Shopify Now

Pre-Order Sales Get sales anywhere, anytime

Pre-Order Sales is compatible with most Shopify Themes and installs with no coding or complicated theme adjustments needed.

You can install Pre Order Sales App right now and use it for one of your best-selling products for free. If you're out of stock but still want to collect sales you can fulfil later, then this app is your perfect solution.

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