Free Pre Order App Shopify


YES, you now have access to a FREE Pre Order app on Shopify. Pre Order Sales automatically replaces your "Add to cart" buttons with a "Pre Order" option customers can use to pay today while you restock your inventory.  

Yes, you can use Pre-Order Sales for FREE

If you're the type that likes to try things out first, then here's the best part:

You can install Pre Order Sales right now and use it for one of your best-selling products for FREE. If you're out of stock but still want to collect sales you can fulfill later, then this app is your perfect solution.

Installs in just a few clicks 

Pre-Order Sales is compatible with most Shopify Themes and installs with no coding or complicated theme adjustments needed.

You need Pre-Order Sales if you want to...

  • Sell more products than you did last year – if you’ve been playing the “we’re out of stock” game, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you see how much you can still sell even when out of inventory.

  • Decrease Lost Customers – Once a customer finds a vendor that can provide what they need, they don’t often switch. Pre-Order Sales let you become the go-to supplier that delivers on what you promise.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction – When the Internet was new, we loved spending hours online exploring. Now, there’s too much TV binge-watching to do. Customers want to work with someone they know will provide what they need, even if they have to wait a little longer. From now on, that someone is YOU.

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