Shopify App Pre Order


Out-of-stock items no longer have to be a problem for you. The Pre Order Sales app automatically replaces your "Add to cart" buttons with a "Pre Order" option customers can use to pay today while you restock your inventory.  

If you sell on Shopify, you already know...

Watching your sales go down while you're waiting to restock is so frustrating. How much money have you lost simply because a product is out of stock? You don't have time for these hassles. So let an app solve this problem for you.

Installs in just a few clicks 

Pre-Order Sales is compatible with most Shopify Themes and installs with no coding or complicated theme adjustments needed.

You need Pre-Order Sales if you want to...

  • Sell more products than you did last year – if you’ve been playing the “we’re out of stock” game, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you see how much you can still sell even when out of inventory.

  • Decrease Lost Customers – Once a customer finds a vendor that can provide what they need, they don’t often switch. Pre-Order Sales let you become the go-to supplier that delivers on what you promise.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction – When the Internet was new, we loved spending hours online exploring. Now, there’s too much TV binge-watching to do. Customers want to work with someone they know will provide what they need, even if they have to wait a little longer. From now on, that someone is YOU.

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