Shopify Preorder App


Pre-order Sales is one of the easiest apps available on the Shopify App Store. Pre-order a product and easily set a date for it to ship. This simple yet powerful tool will allow you to open your store to pre-orders and make quick sales.


Shopify Preorder App

With a pre-order app built into your Shopify store, you can sell any product and make money no matter your inventory status.

Your customers will still know exactly when they will receive the product, and you stop losing sales due to low stock. Pre-order apps are perfect for selling products like furniture, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, books, and much more!



Keep selling, even when you're out of stock

This is a Plug-n-Play Shopify app. Just set it and forget it!

Once installed, it allows you to sell backorder products, even if they are not in stock.

You can finally ditch the sales-killing ‘Out of Stock’ button with an inviting ‘Pre-order Now’ option shoppers can use to buy your products around the clock.
YES, your customers will enjoy a much better customer experience.
YES, your store will sell more products.
YES, it works great for Crowdfunding and Coming Soon campaigns.
YES, you can finally generate funding to launch your big idea project.

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